Here It is!「とても便利な8州別見開きマップ8巻セット!!


■Explanation: ルート66の見開き地図としては,一番細かく描かれていると思います。他の見開き地図は裏と表でルート66の8州をご紹介していますが,この地図は州ごとになっており,ハイウェイの出口とランドマークの位置関係までを書き込み一目瞭然です。「EZ66 Guide For Travelers」と合わせて使えばより効果的なルート66の旅を満喫できることと思います(^^)/

 著者のJerry McClanahan氏はこの見開き地図「Here It is !」と「EZ66 Guide For Travelers」を執筆されており,著者Jerry McClanahan氏に「EZ66 Guide For Travelers」へのメッセージを日本のルート66愛好家の方々に向けてご執筆して頂きましたので,ご本人の似顔絵とともに,原文で掲載させて頂きます。


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 It has been my pleasure and privilege to meet so many nice people from all over the world because of my book, the EZ 66 Guide! I have been enjoying researching, rediscovering and documenting the old US 66 highway since 1981. I fell in love with the famous road during summer vacations in the 1960s-when I was a child in the back seat of the family car.
 The intent of the EZ 66 Guide is to help the traveler to discover the multitude of fun and historic places and people along the more than 2,000 mile length of the Mother Road from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. Included are written directions (both eastbound and westbound) and detailed maps of most Route 66 towns, plus optional side trips and routes, vintage motels and restaurants, museums, "GIANT ALERTS" and other fun and interesting aspects of Historic 66.
 The happy readers of the EZ 66 Guide who I meet make me blush with their praise! I feel very honored to have helped them have a great Route 66 experience. The guide is updated frequently, and online updates are posted on my website (english) along with images of my many paintings of Route 66 and classic automobiles. Two of my original paintings now reside in Japan! I would enjoy meeting more "road warriors" from Japan at my gallery here on Route 66 in Chandler, Oklahoma!


Jerry and his Route 66 mascot "Rootie"

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